About Us

About Us

TBPART OTOMOTİV SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. was founded in 2008.

We created our trademark ''TBPART '' and it is confirmed by ISO-9001:2015 / CE & GOST-R quality certifications.

We set our goals to be a leader in the Automotive sector so at present days we are characterized as a company that operates with high-quality standards of production, operation, and service, always placing our clients and human talent at the core of our activities.

The constant development and research in our products have granted us the possibility to be at the cutting-edge of the most recent market needs and we operate all around the world with our goods. Our main goal is to keep serving and bringing solutions to our clients with the most complete and competitive range of products in our industry.

The variety of the caliper repair kits we produce is suitable with calipers references such as Knorr, Meritor, Wabco, Haldex, Bpw, Saf Modul T, Hydraulic Caliper, Z-Cam, and types of vehicles including trucks, buses, and trailers manufactured by Man, Daimler MB, Volvo, Renault RVI, Scania, Daf Leyland, Neoplan, Setra, İribus, Saf Modul T Holland, SMB, ROR, and Gigant.



According to total quality sense, we are getting our quality better. We are the leading brand in quality technology.

Becoming integrated with the side industry we provide the most profitable decision and practice for quality products and satisfaction of the customers. That’s why we are always renewing ourselves and focusing on our customers.

We are providing safe, confidential, low-cost products according to needs and aims and serving this purpose. We are competing with technology and providing the best. We offer the experience.



* To provide our clients with the best quality aftermarket products and the fastest delivery time.

* Our expertise is built on many years of experience in air brake system caliper repair kits. We offer innovation, high quality, competitive prices, and a reliable supply chain with the fastest delivery time (3-7 working days).

* To provide all our customers with support on all technical issues. Our customers can keep in touch with us 24/7. We know that suppliers and customers depend on each other so we are always in touch with all customers.

* To spread the quality of our brand to the whole world and we are doing our best for it 24/7.


Powerful directions:

• 14 years of experience in the caliper business.

• 7/24 achievable authorized personnel.

• Rapidly growing structure.

• The fastest delivery (3-7 working days).

• The biggest available stock.

• Continuous improvement of products.

• Wide range of product groups.

• All required quality certificates such as ISO 9001, CE certificate, and Gost-R certificates.


Future Plans:

We will continue investing, researching, and developing new products for providing our customers with solutions and market advantage.

TBPART manufacturing expertise and continual investment in research and development are always at the forefront. We challenge the OEM industry because we consider “original is not necessarily the best” we strive to improve our products and production lines.

We will continue to satisfy our worldwide customers with their needs and demands ...

You will be always safe with us …